Bofors, Balasaheb and Big B: See what Amitabhji said?


Balasaheb was like my father, ‘said Amitabh Bachchan. He was speaking at the launch of Sanjay Raut’s movie ‘Thackeray‘ cinema teaser. He told about 40 years ago story. He said, ‘After my marriage, Balasaheb had called me and Jaya to Matoshri. At that time, Maasaheb welcomed Jaya as if he was her daughter- in -law. Balasaheb stood up just behind Me at the time of Bofors matter, and he is the only one believed in my reality, Big B said.

At this time, Big B told Sanjay Raut that, do not limit the film about Balasaheb to three hours. There should be web series on it.

They also gave up the old memories. He said, ‘During the time of coolie movie, I brought myself from Bangalore to Bombay, unconscious. It was raining heavily at that time in Mumbai. I had to go straight from the airport to the hospital. There were no ambulances available in Mumbai. Only Balasaheb’s Shivsena’s ambulance came to help me. Had it not been a Shivsena’s ambulance at that time, then my condition would have been more serious.

He said, ‘During the last days of Balasaheb, I went to meet him. I go in the room where Balasaheb had been kept in and I have seen that they kept my photo beside them and that time I am grateful to see that’.

Big B told Sanjay Raut, “If you want any contribution to this movie from my side, then  tell  me.” I’m ready to give it.

Did you watch the teaser of ‘Thackeray’

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