Refresh your Childhood memories- Nostalgia 90’s kids

Which is the best phase of our Life Childhood Memories Nostalgia 1980-1990’s kids

If you ask any adult, which was the best phase of your life? or which memories will you cherish the most in future, Majority of them would answer –Childhood Memories

Really it was that phase of life, where life was not so complicated, life was to study, go to school, exam tension, thinking about what to do in the vacations, which places to visit in vacations? When will we grow up and enjoy life?

Friendships used to be genuine and without any selfish intentions. Innocence was natural.

Waiting for the recess bell ring to see what’s there in our tiffin box and our mates tiffins too. sharing is caring was the only fundamental.

If we had to be friends we used to do Batti, if we were not willing to talk to our friends we used to do a Katti after small fights. Then hum a gingle “Katti toh Katti Barah baje batti, main khau choclate, tu kha matti”. After a while, the same friends would come and convince each other to talk and do a Batti again.

Sharing & keeping secrets was a mutual task. ‘Tum bhi chup main bhi chup’

90's childhood Cartoons and Tv Shows

Owning a Television and that too color Tv was a matter of pride. The house of the Tv owner used to be a mini cinema hall where the other who did not have tv at their place used to come and watch tv programs like Chaaya Geet, Ramayan, Mahabharat. After some years in the 1990’s Owning a cable connection was a big thing Cartoon network, Doordarshan, Zee, Sony were the popular channels. Teletubbies, chutti chutti , He-man and the masters of the universe, Tom & Jerry, Captain Planet, Zee Horror show, Hum Paanch, Aahat, Boogie Woogie were some of the popular shows.

Waiting for the free lecture when the class teacher would be absent or would go out of the class, playing pen fights, book cricket, Tic Tac Toe(X & 0), join the dots to create blocks. Hating the mass drill but waiting for the PT period to play inter-house games. Being a class monitor and writing the names of the ones who irritated us was fun.

Playing cricket, badminton, basketball, hide & seek, football, lagori, Playing marbles, flying kites, dodgeball were the fun outdoor Games. Playing video games, brick games was the most favorite thing, Mr.Mario, Alladin, Roadrash were some of the popular computer games. Lotus & DOS was the operating systems.

Watching WWE, acting like a wrestling superstar, collecting WWE cards (trumps game), collecting stamps and cricketers stickers. Box cricket, indoor cricket, business game, snake and ladders, chess, Ludo were some of the pass times.

Kismi toffee bar, paan pasand, Boomer, big babol, Uncle chips, limlet golies, goldspot, Frooti, Pepsi cola, kulfi were some of the favorite eatables and beverages. Stealing mangoes, tamarind and other fruits from the trees by pelting stones and footwear was fun during those days.

We are all grown up now, we belong to an era where we used landline phones, used Pagers to communicate. Owning a telephone landline was a big thing and our telephone number used to be the care off number for most of our neighbors. This was the best phase of life which was from the 1980- 1990s. We then saw the millennium where the technological advances came in the form of mobiles, SMS, the internet was booming, the world became too small to connect with the modern technology.

We grew up to know what working and earning money is, what responsibilities are? The childhood which was so fun to live turned into busy life. We stopped contacting our old buddies, started being busy with earning money and enjoying the luxury of life. We are now connected online but disconnected offline. We have more than 1000 friends on social media but when we are in need there are only our family members who were with us. Technology has made us connect better but the kind of lifestyle and childhood we had in our days, today’s generation can’t enjoy those. They are now more attached to mobile, tabs and internet.

Hope your childhood memories must have been refreshed after reading through my blog. See you next time with more interesting stuff.

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