How to manage a blog with your current job?

How to Manage a blog

Nowadays every individual wants to earn some extra money apart from their job and it is possible also via the Internet. But the problem is that not everyone gets to succeed in it because it required a whole lot of patience, hard work, and passion. People want everything easy and don’t want to work hard, but this not going to help them. Some people want to work hard and earn money via internet i.e. from blogging but they don’t know how to manage a blog. So here in this article, we will tell you how to manage a blog.

Read the whole article you will surely end up getting lots of knowledge about blogging and how to manage it.

There are reasons why people choose blogging to earn extra money apart from their job and some people also quit their job and start doing blogging.

The first reason people choose blogging because it doesn’t require huge capital.

The second reason is if you work hard for 6 to 8 month you will start earning from your blog.

And the third reason is actually people don’t need to drop their job, it will be a challenge for them but it is possible.

It is very important to start your blogging when you are doing a job because at the start you will need money and your job will provide that. Your job’s income also will complete your day to day basic needs. It will take some time to earn money from blogging so one cannot rely on blogging at an early stage. After your blog starts giving enough money to you then you can quit your job.

So in this article, we will share some tips on how to manage a blog with your current job.

How to Manage a blog

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So here is the answer to your question ‘how to manage a blog with current job’

Create a top class team

If you decided to start a blog then one can create a team at the start or after your blog becomes successful, both the time you will get an advantage for sure.

At the start, if you are very busy with your work and cannot work on a blog every day then your team can do work for you and you will become successful in quick time.

And after some time you will need to create a team for developing your blog. Every successful blogger has their own great team.

Do time management or follow strict scheduled

When you are running an internet-based business, time becomes a very important factor in this condition. It depends on you how much time you can give to your blog. You have to manage your time what you can do is after coming from job rest a little bit and then give 2-3 hours for blogging. If you manage your time properly then you can expect some positive result early. Don’t give excuses to yourself, if you planned the thing then implement it effectively. That is why I said you should follow strict scheduled.

You should ask yourself, which task is difficult for you, and then do that task first so after that you will have to work on an easy task.

If you are not been able to upload or publish an article on your job hours then buy scheduling tool so your job will get easy.

Ask questions yourself

Managing online business at the same time along with a job sometimes becomes hectic and time-consuming. If you do not do it very carefully, then you will soon begin to feel off balance in it and you will start losing your focus from it. So always ask yourself what went wrong and get quick action on it.

How to Manage a blog

Believe in your dreams and yourself

Confidence within you can give you success in your online business. If you start an online business then you will have to face a lot of problems in the beginning as you are doing daily job along with the online business.

But you do not have to let your Confidence down. Confidence inside you will become the biggest cause of your success.

There is no quick scheme to make money through internet. Rather, it requires a lot of time and effort to earn money through the internet. You should not leave the job unless your business blog begins to earn a significant income.

So don’t lose your hops and be confident and believe in your dreams.

Always learn new things and Experiment it

It takes a lot of time and effort to make a blog successful. You should be aware that you will not earn any income in your initial stage so always learn new things and experiment it.

During this time, you should figure out what is working and what is not working. The best solution for this case is to do all these things in your free time. It depends on you how much time you give on it. Apply yourself to educate yourself in your spare time.

If your blog is successful then it is certain that your blog income will be much higher than your daily job. Along with this, you will also have to pay attention to the fact that when your blog starts earning more than your daily job, then only you should quit a job. Do not take any wrong decision in hurry.


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