PM Modi advises Congress to learn patriotism from ‘Mudhol Hound dogs’

Narendra Modi Karnataka election

PM Modi targeted Congress and its leaders due to being “disturbed” by their patriotism. PM Modi said that Congress should at least learn from the Mudhol dogs in North Karnataka, which has been included in the Indian Army. PM Modi said that there has been such a fall of morale in the Congress that a leader of the party went among the people who made slogans like ‘Bhaarat ke tukade honge’ and supported them.

Narendra Modi

He was apparently referring to the visit of Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus when a dispute arose over the alleged anti-country slogans in the premises.

PM Modi said at an election rally here, “When there is talk of patriotism in the country, when there is a discussion about patriotism, National Anthem, Vande Mataram, some people are disturbed.” PM Modi said, “We got independence due to Patriotism and If today we have started a major development drive on the basis of patriotism, then the Congress and its comrades will see conspiracies in patriotism”. He said, “Do they have any problem with patriotism?” He said, would anyone have thought that after Independence, Congress would fall to such a degree that today Congress leaders are going among those people who will slogan like ‘Bhaarat ke tukade honge’.

He said that the Congress and its leaders had fallen so much that when the Indian army launched Surgical Strikes across the border, they asked for evidence. Modi said, “Those who have trouble in the name of patriotism, who are against the discussion of patriotism and for whom patriotism is the cause of trouble, I want to tell them that if you do not want to learn from others, please do not learn – – Whether they are your ancestors or Mahatma Gandhi’s Congress. ‘

PM Modi

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Modi said, “I know that his Congress’s ego has reached the seventh heaven.The people of the country have rejected them, but they are still not ready to come to the ground.That is why I do not expect them to learn anything from Mudhol dogs. It is worth mentioning Mudhol Hound is a dog of Indian breed.


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