This is public money and not your “baap ka maal”!

Baap ka maal

Came across this news, that an assistant project engineer in Noida Authority is found in possession of properties worth 200 crores approximately!This makes me ponder again upon the fact that why most of the youth from states like UP aspire to become a government servent, and though most of them succeed in being one, still condition of delivery of government services in these states remain pathetic.

So what is the basic thought process that goes through these young minds while they crave for the government jobs? Going by the trend it’s definetly not the service of people!

The fact that one after another cases are being unearthed of corruption, property more than income, worries me, as it must be going on for so so long! There must be many cases which are still not touched, many will go un noticed!

This is our money, public’s money, which was supposed to be put in the path of development, rather it went into pocket of these corrupt government officials! Had this all been put into the right place, we would have been living in a different country then what it is today.

Still there is time, teach your kids to join government services to serve people instead of taking money from under the table! May be some day cases like yadav singh and now B P Singh will become part of past.


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