What Is SEO? Why SEO Is Important To Bloggers

What is SEO

Today we will learn about SEO. What is SEO? What are the techniques of SEO? and why it is so important?  In our previous article, we talk about How to manage a blog with your current job? Blogging will help you to generate second income and if you do hard work and learn SEO for your blog, you will earn more and your blog will become popular and successful. So you may have understood that for successful blog SEO is very important.

What is SEO?

SEO’s full form is Search Engine Optimization. With the help of SEO, we can see our blog on the No.1 position on all search engines. We all know what the search engine is all about. Google is the most popular search engine in the world, besides other search engines are Bing, Yahoo etc.

Now let’s say we go to Google, and search for anything with any keyword, now what will happen that Google will show you lots of contents who have same keywords in it. And every content is from different website or blog.

Now you will say why some content is almost same but there ranking is different. This is because of SEO, the content which is in top position always has a good SEO compare to others.

That is why SEO is so important. Once we come on the first page we will get huge traffic. And huge traffic means good leads or profit for business-related blog or brands.

SEO helps to bring our blog to No.1 rank in Google. It’s a technique that puts your website at the top of the search engine’s search result, which increases the likelihood of getting more traffic to your site and your income starts getting better. It is very important to use SEO to increase organic traffic on your website.

What is SEO

Why is SEO Important for the blog?

You know what SEO is; now let’s know why it is important for blogs. We use SEO to make our website accessible to people. Suppose you created a website and published good quality content in it but if you did not do SEO then your content would not be accessible to people and there would be no traffic in your website. You will also not going to earn any money from your blog or website.

SEO helps search engines to understand that your website is providing content to that specific keyword; if any person types that keyword Google will through your content to them, if you don’t do SEO then Google will never understand or will take a long time to understand your content. And it will be very difficult for you to get traffic to your website.

Understanding SEO is not so difficult if you understand it, you can make your blog a lot better and increase its value in the search engine. After understanding SEO, when you use it for your blog, you will not see the result immediately, for that should need enough patience. You definitely will get positive results in future.

What is SEO

Types of SEO

There are two type of SEO which bloggers nowadays using

White Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

The White Hat SEO is also known as “ETHICAL SEO”. It is a slow process. if you use this type of SEO then you need to have a patience because it takes time to show a positive result, but still, I am recommending you White hat SEO because whatever ranking or traffic you will get from White Hat SEO will stay a longer time.

Black Hat SEO is exactly opposite of White Hat SEO. It is unethical SEO; it does not follow any search engine rules and regulation. You will get an instant result from this type of SEO, but it will be for short time, which will affect adversely on your blog or website. If Google gets to know about it then Google will charge some heavy penalties, so it is very risky to do Block Hat SEO.

Techniques of SEO

SEO consists of two Techniques: On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO. The work of these two is quite different. Let us also know about them.

What is SEO

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO means internal work in your website or blog. This means that designing your website properly so it will become SEO friendly, Using the proper template in your website by following the rule of SEO, Writing good content and using good keywords in those which are most searched in the search engine, Using keywords in the right place in the page, using perfect Title and Meta description which makes it easy for Google to understand content quickly helps you rank your website on Google page. This increases the traffic of your blog.

Now we will learn about some On-page SEO techniques with which we will be able to rank higher on Google.

Website Speed

Website Speed is very important from SEO’s point of view. A survey has found that any Visitor waits not more than 5 to 6 seconds if his website does not open within this time, then he gets migrated to another. And this also applies to Google because if your blog does not open quickly, then a negative signal is reached to Google that this blog is not as good or is not fast enough. Keep your site speed as good as possible.

Here I have given some important tips that can speed up your blog or website.

  • Use a simple and attractive theme
  • Do not use more plugins
  • Keep image size small
  • Use w3 Total cache and WP super cache plugins


Navigation of the Website should be easy to move around in your blog or website, so there will be no trouble to any visitor and Google from websites one page to another.

Good Title Tag

Do not use words more than 65 words in your title, since Google does not show title tag in google searches after 65 words.

URL for a post

Always keep the URL of your post as simple as possible and add your Keyword in it.

Internal Link

This is a great way to rank your post. This allows you to interlink your related pages with each other. With this, all your interlinked pages can easily rank.

Alt Tag

Use images with Alt tag in your website’s post. Because you can get lots of traffic from images, so do not forget to put an ALT TAG in the image while using it.


We all know that quality content is very important. Content is also called king and the better your content will be the better your site will rank. So write the content of more words than at least 800 words, and it is also good for your SEO score. Never stumble or copy content from anyone else.


Headings of your article should be taken care of because it has a great impact on SEO. The title of the article is H1 and you can nominate the subsequent subheadings with H2, H3, etc. With this, you must use the focus keyword.


Use long tail Keywords when you write Article as it gets rank quick as compared to a short tail keyword. With this, you can easily link with people’s Searches. Bold the important keywords with it so that Google and visitors know that these are essential keywords and their attention will be attracted towards it.

What is SEO

Off-Page SEO

In Off-page SEO we have to promote our blog with the help of, blog commenting on other bloggers articles by visiting many popular blogs. Submitting your website link in a comment means you are creating a backlink. Backlinks are very important for any website, it gives huge benefits but makes sure you are creating backlinks on good authority websites.

Creating your website’s attractive page on social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ is also comes in off- page SEO. You need to increase your followers here, which create more opportunities for a website for getting huge traffic. Guest post submission is a great way to get good backlinks for a website.

Now we will learn about some Off-Page techniques which will be very beneficial for a website in future.

Search Engine submission

Your website should be correctly submitted to all search engines.


The page and post of your blog or website should be submitted to the bookmarking website.

Directory Submission

Your blog or website should be submitted to a popular high PR Directory.

Social media

Create a profile of your blog or website in Social Media and link your website to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Classifieds submission

Go to Free Classified Website and advertise your website for free.

Q & A site

You can go to a question and answer website and give question answer’s related to your website and can link your website in that answer.

Blog commenting

You can comment by visiting other bloggers blogs which are related to your blog and link to your website.


You can post your website image on Pinterest. This is a great way to increase traffic.

Guest Post

You can go to different blogs which are same as your website and can do the guest post there. This is the best to get a do-follow backlink.

What is the difference between SEO and Internet marketing?

Many people have a lot of doubts about SEO and Internet Marketing. They think that these two are almost the same. But in response to this, I want to say that SEO is like a tool, it is a part of Internet Marketing. Its use makes Internet marketing work very easy to do.

What is SEO

Some Important terms in SEO

If you have a blog or a website then you may know a lot about SEO and how it works. But I know there are a lot of people who do not have any information about Basic SEO also. That’s why I thought that you should be given information about some very important SEO terms so that you can know about it too.


It is a hyperlink on another website that points to your website. Backlinks are very important with the look of SEO because it directly affects Search Ranking of any webpage.

Anchor text

Any backlink is the type of anchor text type that is clickable. If your Keyword is in your Anchor Text, then it will also help you with your SEO score.

Title Tag

Title Tag is primarily the title of any Web page and this is a very important factor for Google’s Search Algorithm.


Its full form is Search Engine Results Page. It basically shows the result of that pages which are relevant to Google Search Engines.

Keyword Density

It reveals how many times a keyword has been used in an article. perfect keyword Density is very important in terms of SEO.

Keyword Stuffing

Like I have already said that Keyword Density is very important in terms of SEO but if a keyword is used more than needed, it is called Keyword Stuffing. These are called Negative SEO because it has a bad effect on your blog.


This is nothing more than just a file that is kept in the domain of the root. By using it, search bots are notified that how the structure of the website is.

I hope guys understand what is basics of SEO and the techniques use in SEO. Follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube for all the latest news related to sports, politics, entertainment, lifestyle etc.


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