Business Colleges to teach how to handle cases like Nirav and Mallya


The Indian government may have failed to catch fugitives such as diamond trader Nirav Modi and Kingfisher owner Vijay Mallya, but now these businessmen who are scam makers are going to be part of the course of India’s top business schools. Yes, now it will be taught in top business colleges that how to deal with the cases of scams like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya.

In fact, India’s top business colleges have made changes in their courses, which will teach what can be learned from these scam and what can be done to avoid them. These top colleges include the name of Indian Institute of Management (IIM), XLRI Jamshedpur and SPJIMR Mumbai.


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The colleges are focusing on the issues related to ethics, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, in a new course. Through these scandals, students are being taught how to reduce these scams to bring a positive change in the society on behalf of the colleges. For this, the colleges have included Uber Scam, PNB scam, Vijay Mallya case and Infosys case etc. in the course structure.

According to the Economic Times, Padmini Srinivasan, chairman of IIM Bangalore’s MBA course, says, “We hope that courses related to corporate governance and ethics will influence students to come out of a limited knowledge. In addition, it will help them learn the skills to make positive changes for the society. These institutions believe that a change in course can bring a positive change in the mindset of the students, which will help them make tough decisions.”


It is worth mentioning that in 2016, it was reported that students of Finance and Accounting Department of IIM-Ahmedabad could be given the case of Vijay Mallya’s to study. It was being said that the professors of the prestigious Business School of the country are making projects on the controversy about making Vijay Mallya’s business empire and sinking into debt these days. Which will be brought in front of students for research.

Experts, however, believe that these institutes alone can’t help inculcate good values among students and that companies also need to play a major role in nurturing talent with strong values.


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