Two men arrested with fake notes in Chhattisgarh

Fake Notes 2

In Chhattisgarh, the police arrested two youths with fake notes of Rs. Four lakh from the Talpuri hospital in Bhilai. Both young men used to print notes and use them in the market. The police arrested the accused from Parijat block of Talpuri and seized a printers, scales, cutters and other items from them. The police, who disguised as customers, have disclosed the entire matter.

ASP Vijay Pandey told that a Vishal Aswani, living in Indore and a Chooramani Sahu of Balod’s Mohara living in Talpuri of Bhilai had good friendships; in the meantime, Chooramani had borrowed 12 thousand rupees from the Vishal, which he could not able to return. Vishal asked him that he had a scheme. If he joins, then the amount of lending will be fulfilled and he will also earn something.

Fake Notes 1

He said that Chooramani got ready and he bought the printer with his own name. Both of them printed fake notes from digital printers and used to circulate in the market. During the interrogation, both the youth told that they used to print only notes of Rs 100, because big notes are easily identified and it is a bit difficult to identify 100 rupees notes.

Fake note 1

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ASP Pandey said that on the basis of information, the police arrested the gang of fake notes by giving a tip to the Talpuri apartment. They said that the information was received that a young man is roaming around with fake notes. When the police reached him, he brought fake notes in a bag. When the police opened the bag, they had notes of 100-100 rupees, which were just realistic. Their serial numbers were checked and many notes had same serial number. The accused are arrested and further action is being taken.


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