18-year Old Iranian Girl Arrested For Posting Her Dance Videos On Instagram

Iranian girl arrested after sharing her dance videos on Instagram

18-year-old Iranian teenager Maedeh Hojabri was arrested after sharing her dance videos - one of which was viewed close to one million times - on Instagram. Some of the clips showed her dancing to Persian music in her room. In others, she can be seen with no headscarf swaying to songs by popular artists such as Justin Bieber and Shakira. Under the Islamic Republic, the use of headscarf in public is mandatory for women, while dancing is prohibited. However, several women have challenged those rules and expressed their dissent through social media

Posted by Awake India News & Analysis - AINA on Monday, July 9, 2018

Recently a teenage Iranian girl Maedeh Hojabri was arrested by Iranian police for posting her dance videos on Instagram. One of her videos on Instagram was viewed over 1-Million times. This case has stirred a debate in Iran and women across the world are protesting against it.

The controversy aroused after the girl’s dancing video went viral on social media, She was seen dancing without a headscarf on some Persian songs and was also seen swaying on songs by famous singers like Justin Beiber and Shakira.

Under the Islamic Republic, it is mandatory for women to wear a headscarf in public and dancing is prohibited. After her detention she was made to make a public confession on a National TV, She said, “I did not intend to encourage others to do the same thing, I did this to get attention and earn more followers on Instagram”

Mohamad Taghi Fazel Maybodi, a reformist cleric, criticised the TV station for airing the teen’s statement, saying that forcing a woman to make a confession and broadcasting it “put a stain on the face” of her family.

However many Iranian women have expressed their dissent against this law and have posted their dancing video on social media.


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