Supreme Court Slams State Government for not taking care of Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

On the issue of conservation of the Taj Mahal, which is called as the mark of love, the Supreme Court has made a tough stand. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court said on government’s indifference to conservation and maintenance of Taj Mahal and if it can not handle, then collapse it. Significantly, for the last few years, the glory of the Taj is going down, for which the Supreme Court is constantly showing strict vigilance.

Justice Madan Bhimrao Lokur, angry at the apathy of the Central Government and its institution ASI, about the protection and maintenance of the Taj, he said that if it can not handle it, then collapse it.

Supreme court

Supreme Court has strongly condemned the Central Government on the Taj Mahal. The court said, “Give protection to the Taj, or stop or demolish.” The Supreme Court said that 80 million people visit the Eiffel Tower, while only one millions people for the Taj Mahal. You are not serious about the Taj Mahal nor do you care about it. Our Taj is more beautiful then Eiffel tower and you are not serious about the tourist. This is a big disadvantage for the country, there is a gross indifference to the Taj Mahal.

The Supreme Court said that if the attention was taken then the problems of our foreign currency would be overcome. The Supreme Court again raised the question that people are applying for setting up industries in TTZ (Taj Trapezium Zone) area and their applications are being considered. These are contraindications. Commenting on the Supreme Court remarks, PHD Chambers has said that why do not you stop the industry which is going on. Then on behalf of TTZ it was told that they will no longer allow permission to open any new factory in TTZ.

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Even before this, during the hearing in the Supreme Court last year, the government had proposed a plan for this. In the affidavit, the central government had told that the government has prepared a number of schemes for the protection of Taj Mahal and the development of Agra. These include the ban on diesel generators in Agra, stress on CNG vehicles, pollution control and restriction of polyethylene.

Apart from this, National Highways is being widened with double ringrodes under Agra Maha Yojana 2021. Apart from this, there are several schemes including planting, shifting polluting industries, which will not only preserve the Taj but will also facilitate tourists.

Significantly, the issue of the Taj Mahal is not only about tourism but also in political discussions. Many times, BJP leaders have given this type of statement, in which they have named Taj Mahal as Shiva temple.

Just a few days back, the Supreme Court had ordered that the Taj Mahal is included in seven wonders, can not read namaz here. Prayers can be read in any other place. However, local Namazee can still read Namaz. After which the prayers of the outsiders were prohibited.


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