7 Mantras for Designing Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen!

7 Mantras for Designing Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen

Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen: The courtyard is one of the hottest parts of the home to redesign. Today’s homeowners are eager for outdoor living spaces and it becomes their first choice. Most of the daily activities used to happen outside and that included cooking. At that point, a time came when we all became passionate about forming large and immense constructions which are everything we needed.

The outdoor kitchen becomes a trend & one of the trendiest uses for outdoor space is where you can grill, feast and entertain with a huge number of the conveniences of an indoor kitchen. Today outdoors kitchens may not be common but they’re definitely appreciated for the fact that they take us closer to nature.

Designing a beautiful outdoor kitchen can be as simple or intricate as your budget allows you to do so. If your outdoor kitchen is a DIY project for you, the following tips will help to create a successful transformation.

7 Mantras for Designing Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen

Make a Budget

Just think “what is necessary” and initialize by making the list of must-have items. In general, must-have items means grill, sink, an island, gas cooktop, pizza oven, and more. The main advantage of making such kind of list is it will make your work within a budget. It will be more economical when you put items in a list on the behalf of priority.

Plan for Organization and Safety

A safe kitchen is planned well and placed out of the way of foot traffic. Safety considerations contain protection from the weather, the utilization of a barbecue pad, fastening and locking appliances to prevent theft, fire prevention, the addition of smoke alarms, including burglar alarms and the addition of a simply available fire extinguisher. If you are going to design the kitchen on an older deck, you may need to fortify it, too.

DIY Preparation Station

In case of an interior, you don’t have to struggle much to keep kitchen beautiful but it is completely vice versa in case of exterior/outdoor! Wood is an essential element of a kitchen but its warm tones fade away with time due to sun rays & changing weathers. In such a case, you can coat a wood surface with lacquer spray.

You have an opportunity to make your kitchen extremely beautiful if a wood is bare by staining. You can stain wood with barn red or vintage aqua color but always use spar urethane after staining if you don’t want to see faded surface in future.

Don’t Forget Lighting

Most outdoor barbecues happen at night, so don’t leave yourself out of the loop. After all, who needs to cook with a flashlight? Take a sign from this outdoor kitchen by including a multipurpose roof fan and light, enabling you to cook in a brightly lit space no matter what time of day. There will be no risk of any harm if you have proper lights in your outdoor kitchen.

Work in your Space

Storage & portability are always a good choice for smaller spaces so you can adjust pieces according to what you need. Tables and chairs that fold or stack and effectively move out of the way will help you while entertaining either a large crowd or small group. Having an outdoor kitchen doesn’t mean you need to include a lot of large, secure pieces. A portable or tabletop grill and a serving and preparation cart might be all you have to complete your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor kitchen

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Kitchen Opens Up to a Large Garden

Having a kitchen that is open to the garden is a refreshing and pleasing experience for the cook, as well as for those who are going to dine. The person cooking can easily entertain the guests while appreciating the beauty of nature.  Where the children play soccer, a brilliant way for parents to be able to watch over the kid.

Add a Touch of Ambiance

It’s an opportunity to appreciate the outdoor weather while having the comforts of your indoor space. Ensure you add features that truly make this space the center of your summer. Chairs, tables, and beautiful objects can complete the look, as will specialty lighting. When it comes to furniture, pick durable pieces with comfortable outdoor cushions. People install TVs, music system etc. for entertainment. If you are going to do the same, then be sure that items are appropriately installed out of the elements and away from heat.

Important Things to Remember

  • Choose grease-preventive materials or paving stones with sealant to avoid food stains.
  • Slippery flooring materials such as tiles are not perfect in outdoor cooking areas because there will be a risk to slip.
  • In locations where the weather gets very icy, avoid tiled splash backs or benches, as these cause of the crack in heavy frosts.


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