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Bhavish Agarwal

While our young generation dream of becoming an entrepreneur this person is living his dream at such a young age. We are talking about a person who has become a successful entrepreneur and has created his place in the list of India’s richest entrepreneurs and his name is Mr. Bhavesh Agarwal, founder, and CEO of Ola company. In 2015 Bhavish Agarwal and his friend Ankit Bhati who is the co-founder of Ola were the youngest to be included in that year’s list of richest Indians. He is an inspiration to our young generation. He has proved that once you decide to live your dream then nothing is impossible.

Bhavish Agarwal Biography

Bhavesh Agarwal belongs to Ludhiana, Punjab. He was born on 28th August 1985. He completed his in computer science from IIT Bombay and was working in Microsoft in the research department and has also published 3 research papers and has 2 patents. But it seems he was not happy with his 9-5 secured job. The idea to enter in this business came when he himself faced an undesired experience.

Once he was traveling from Banglore to Bandipur by a booked car but the driver of that car did not give good service and started demanding for money in his half journey. The driver irritated him and he had to complete his further journey by bus. He was disturbed by this incident. He was thinking of this incident and was wondering why this happened to him. By this incident, he realized that as he faced this problem a lot of people must be facing it. Everyone in this country must be facing these kinds of problems every day. He then thought of doing something for himself and the society. He wanted to be an entrepreneur.


Bhavesh Agarwal with his friend Ankit Bhati having knowledge of IT thought of starting a cab service named ola which will be providing its service by a click in the mobile app. Ankit Bhati has also studied from IIT Bombay and has done They both came together and decided to run the Ola company together. They made plans for making ola a good cab service company and thought of various ideas and strategies to build and grow their business. He knew that good service at a low price can help in growing his business plan.

Ola Company was started on December 3, 2010. Today Ola provides service in more than 70 cities and up to 1.5 lakh people travel by ola every day. Bhavish  Agarwal himself doesn’t use any personal car. He and his wife Mrs. Rajlakshmi Agarwal decided that they will not have their personal car and will travel by ola whenever needed.

Technology helped Bhavish to expand his business on a large scale. He prepared his business model in such a way that people would not have to come to a particular place for payment. But at the start, this was not possible. He came across many circumstances. Cab service and technology became a great combination for his business including the review and rating features.

Bhavish agarwal Biography

Ola has the ability to book a cab service from any smartphone mobile. He added various features to the app where a person can book a cab of his choice and according to his comfort. For example, for any luxury travel Ola prime (Toyota, Innova, Etios), for economic female travelers ola pink traveling ola mini Tata Indica with a female driver and for comfortable ride Ola sedan and for cheap price ride Ola auto. This choice of car traveling was made keeping in mind all class of passengers.

In the beginning, his parent’s father Mr. Naresh Kumar Agarwal and mother Mrs. Usha Agarwal where not happy with his decision of leaving his secure job. Every big company has to start with a small start-up. Many of his friends and relatives made fun of his idea in the beginning. But when your parents also don’t understand you then we face problems. His parents firstly thought that his decision is wrong about leaving his job and coming into this field. They use to say to him that someone is leaving his secure job to become a travel agent. He took lots of efforts to reach this position. But when his parents saw the progress of Ola they appreciated their son’s decision.

Ola provides a comfortable ride at a rate of ₹10-17 per kilometer. This appropriate pricing and quality service attracted more customers towards Ola. He knew the importance of customer service with his own experiences and hence provided training about it to all his driver’s. He took lots of efforts to train his drivers. All drivers were trained in how to handle a customer, different types of passengers, how to behave in a proper way with the customers. The drivers were well trained and then appointed. In almost 3 years Ola became one of the fastest growing business by the use of technology and the business strategy of Bhavish Agarwal.

Bhavish Agarwal received ET awards, Entrepreneur of the year, 2017

Bhavish Agarwal

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Bhavish Agarwal believes that “Every person has dreams, but only their dreams come true who are ready to take risks. When you take risks there are many people who will advise you in various ways but you should know that listen to everyone but do only that what you want to do”.

From this, our youth get inspiration that if you decide to do something and take efforts to achieve it you will definitely reach your goals. A different thought of a person makes him successful.

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